Thursday, August 19, 2010

Presenting Mania!

Recently, 1E5 had the chance to go for the Swiss Science Challenge. I don't know why, but Mr Sha just had to choose me as the group leader. Thus, I had no choice but to go. It's a long story...from the prelimaries to the semi-finals to the finals...but at the finals we were the only Sec 1 team left. Mr Sha said that we represented the Sec 1s. Anyway, I'm going to present on stage again about the novel "Titanic". It;s a great book, and I'm confident about tomorrow.
Anyway I need to rush a script so that's all for now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, today has been a stressful day for me. First thing in the morning, I had to prepare a presentation for Literature on "Shrek", and it was supposed to be 15mins but my group took twice the time needed. So the teacher was kind of annoyed. Presenting, this time, was slightly different as we had to "teach" a character which   we were assigned to. My group, being outstanding, had two characters. So of course, more work, which leads to more things to prepare. During presentation, I was very worried of losing the audience and was desperately adding stupid stuff into the presentation, and I mentioned Hong Xuan being a braggart. Of course, that had it's consequences. It was a tense atmosphere as we did our work, and when we finally finished, we were so relived. And much for  "30-min-presentation", we only got 18/25. Mdm Sherifah pointed out a few flaws in our presentation, and we accepted the constructive critism by her.
Immediately after this, we had a Maths test. Imagine being thrown with such things to do, naturally we would not be in the state of mind for a test. So not fair. Life is cruel. Anyway, the Maths test was set at a ridiculously high level and I could not really attmept the questions in the right state of mind, such that 8.5 x 0.6 could not be solved. So now, I'm being optimistic that I can get good results. But what's done cannot be undone, so just enjoy the freedom, until the results come out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fatality-> humiliation.

Today, during PE, I fell down. Actually it's more accurate to say I was shoved down by a guy called Ridzuan.
Injury summary:
Grazed knees (x2)
Elbow bleeding (x1)
Very mildly injured palm (x1)
Plaster--> (x4) (depending)
Broken skin (x4)
Recovered (x1)
Skid across ground: 1m.
Now I have to skip ET once again...people will think that I'm a slacker. And just when my stamina increase and I can get first. Darn.
Anyway, after PE was Home Econs. It was really fun, but because my knee was still bleeding, my apron has a patch of blood on the left knee area. Making a chicken patty from scratch was so fun...I wished I made a bigger piece with 4 times the amount of egg (I put 3x the actual amount today) and ate it in front of teacher. Plus I forgot that today was Day 6. I thought it was Day 1. So I forgot my Chinese textbook. Haha. So of course I got mini-lecture from teacher. But I'm used to it already, and I am enduring for 3 more years before I drop Chinese as a subject. I should be taking either French or Spanish, depending on opportunites and open doors. Back to the point, I finally noticed who is going on 29th for the Geography field work. Only 6 boys. 10+ girls. Thorn amongst the roses. Well, this is a pretty long post compared to previous ones, and I think I'll stop here. Got other stuff to do. Like studying for Maths test in 2 days' time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy day...

Today has been a most sastifying day with little homework and plenty of time unlike CCA days. Especially since the NJRC (National Junior Robotics Competition) is coming soon. But afterwards will be very relaxing, of course. Well, today there's not much to post about, but I finished both presentations that I was stuck with for weeks--- Literature, Geography. The sense of sastifaction is so nice. :)
Well, now it's time for my daily exercise.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Water rocket catastrophe

Today, I also feel very drained. Too drained to write a proper post on this blog. Haha. Anyway, the second part for our "Water Rocket Enrichment" was held today and the construction of the rocket alone proved to be most confusing and the instructor did more harm than help, in my opinion. I am from Science and Technology Club and I am expected to give a above-average standard of work. But I can't blame the person I worked woth. He did a lot better than me. I feel like an epic fail. The rocket was something that I had never tried before and it was a much harder challenge than I expected. So I screwed up. So sad. And I lost to my rival in Sci and Tech. Make me even worse. To top everything all up, we kept having water fights and my gut was sprayed with water FIVE times. And the water splasign on the ground caused more mud to splash out and my white pants became even more dirtier than usual. And I fell down at the stupid wet loor near the watercooler. Made my pants even more dirtier. I can't take it and changed my pants.
Now I feel very sleepy so I think I'm stopping my post here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Debating Class...

Today I finally had my long-awaited debating class. It's been close to a month since the announcement was gave and it seems a long time indeed for me as I have constantly anticipated the debating class. During the class, I learnt the proper way to approach debating as a profession instead of my normal "argument only" incorrect style of debating. They showed us and explained in great depth about the arrangement of debates and has been an eye-opener indeed. Nah, not really. Just being sacrastic to make my blog post longer. Anyway, we had a mock debate and I was unfortunately chosen by my classmates to be a debator in my first class. Wow. I think I will be pinpointing more people to be chosen the next time round.
I don't think I will go in depth about what we learnt as that would take a considerable amount of time. I also have homework to catch up on. So I think I end this blog post.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

-I dont know what to name this title-

Today has been a better day and I think I'm getting used to the school curriculum again. The programs today required me to bring a more-than-average amount of books to school. Therefore I left some below my desk in the class. I was supposed to have Chinese remedial today but the teacher was absent, thus I could skip the class for this week. These have all been ridiculous comments.
Well, tomorrow, my class will be having a water rocket project and being from Sci and Tech, I think they expect me to know a lot more which I think I actually don't. And I only shot it once before. Well, anyway no matter how it's going to be a load of fun. And getting wet.